About the Book

48 page full colour graphic novel. Few events in modern Irish history have had as dramatic
an impact on the entire island of Ireland as the
conflict between James Stuart & William of Orange
for the Three Kingdoms of Ireland, England, & Scotland.
The war between these rivals in Ireland, from
1689-1691, was for James II a means by which he
could regain his lost crown. For William it was a distraction
that prevented him from bringing the military
might & vast resources of England to bear against
the French King Louis XIV in Europe. The Catholic
Irish, who supported the banished Stuart king’s
cause, saw the war as the only light amidst the darkness
of the Cromwellian Settlement, that illuminated
the path to religious & civil liberty.
Poyntz & Grace portray this epic struggle from
James Stuarts landing at Kinsale in 1689, the shocking
Siege of Derry in 1689, the bungled Battle of the
Boyne in 1690, to the ferocious Siege of Limerick in
1690 that marked the end of James & William’s direct
command of the opposing Jacobite & Williamite
forces in Ireland.